Why Infertility Counselling

Why Infertility Counselling

Why Infertility Counselling?

Couples often wonder why they need to seek Infertility Counselling. Infertility Counselling is most often recommended when you are going through IVF. I would highly recommend anyone who is dealing with Infertility to see a therapist.

If you are considering Counselling for Infertility you have been going through this for a year at the very least. This can be an extremely difficult time, considering your options and coming to terms with not being able to have a baby naturally. Infertility is considered a major life crisis.

Men and women who are going through Infertility go through stages similar to grief, denial and isolation, anger bargaining, depression and acceptance. There are many losses attached to Infertility. Initially it may be that you may be having difficulty conceiving and can’t conceive a baby naturally. If you chose IVF there may be failed treatments and loss of control over your bodies. Those that do not have IVF have the loss of not having a biological child. There are those that are involuntarily childless and coping with the adjustment to life without children. All of the above are times of stress. Stress, Anxiety and Depression are very common when you are dealing with Infertility as a couple.

Distress can be very prominent when you are going through Infertility tests and treatments. When going through this difficult time predisposing conditions can re-emerge such as Depression or eating disorders. Emotional Distress can and does have an impact on your life and also your treatment.


Why Counselling for Infertility? What can Counselling offer?

  • Counselling offers a safe and trusting place to speak openly about what your experience of Infertility is.
  • Counselling will look at the emotional and psychosocial impact on you prior to coming to Counselling.
  • Counselling can provide a place to make sense of what is happening at this time it can address your personal distress.
  • I can provide advocacy, and assist you in making decision about your treatment.
  • I will be supportive and non judgemental.
  • I will offer you a space to discuss all your options.
  • I will help you to understand your feelings and responses.
  • To explore any fears and concerns you may have at this time.
  • To help you with the grieving process through expressing how you are feeling in a confidential and safe place.
  • Explore your future as a
  • I will offer some coping strategies for whatever treatment you chose.


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