We’re Pregnant after Infertility

We’re Pregnant after Infertility




We’re Pregnant!!!

The words, We’re Pregnant! in today’s society can receive a mixed reaction. Being pregnant after Infertility can be a difficult one to navigate. You have been anticipating this for years and this pregnancy feels so special the excitement can be overwhelming. You are possibly feeling many emotions and it can be an uncertain time.

There have most likely been many losses throughout this journey and couples can find it difficult to adjust to the fact that there is a viable pregnancy and that this could potentially be the one. Couples that conceive after many miscarriages or stillbirths have come down a difficult path. Couples often feel extremely anxious at this time and this can be associated with concern for any type of difficulty during the pregnancy. There are so many hopes and dreams wrapped up in this pregnancy. For those that have had multiple miscarriages pregnancy can feel so delicate and anxiety and depression are extremely common. The hours, weeks and months may pass however Anxiety and Depression may still be present and this is a very common reaction for a couple.

Women often say that they noticed other pregnant mothers look glowing when they were struggling each day. This can be a very isolating and shameful place for women in particular. This is a link to a post on anxiety that should offer some insight into anxiety related to pregnancy,



It’s ok to talk about how you are feeling in these times. Couples don’t talk because they feel isolated. Couples can feel shame for having mixed emotions because they and everyone around them have wanted this so desperately. There is a feeling that you should feel a certain way and this can be quite distressing for couples.

If you have gone through IVF adjusting Psychologically to a range of different issues can include; multiple gestation, any potential serious health risks, pregnancy that is not genetically linked to the mother and multifetal reduction.

There are potential unique demands being placed on a family which have used assistive technology to have a family. .

These can include;

  • Parenting Multiples
  • Parenting an only child after secondary infertility
  • Parenting a child after third party reproduction

Counselling after Infertility can offer a place to discuss all your concerns and fears in a safe non-judgemental environment. We will look at all the options and resources available to you and find the most positive way for you to manage this often confusing time.