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Online Counselling Galway

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Online Counselling is a secure and confidential way to avail of counselling when you find it difficult for personal or practical reasons to get to my office.

Online Counselling provides an opportunity to explore personal difficulties with a supportive and non-judgemental therapist.  This may include expressing feelings that are painful, and which many of us experience at certain times in our life. When this happens, it can be difficult to stay positive and cope with everyday life. Online counselling gives you the opportunity to access counselling support at a time and in a place which is convenient to you.

I offer Online Counselling via video session or telephone. I like to talk to you via phone or video before we agree to working in this way. You can make contact with me via phone 087 7778954 or the contact form page on this website and we will arrange a consultation.

Online Counselling has many benefits:

  • You can access therapy from a place that you are comfortable in.
  • Counselling can happen when you are available. (Email)
  • You are not walking into an office for your therapy session.
  • Cost savings if buying sessions in bulk.

All sessions must be prepaid see links below. (These links are for those that have had a conversation with me and we have agreed to work together). It is important that you feel comfortable with using your computer or phone.  It is also important that you have a quiet space to talk in private while having your sessions

Online Counselling is not suitable for everyone some may be best suited to face to face therapy.The following are situations in which Online Counselling may not be suitable;

  • Are you in a crisis; if you are contemplating ending your life please contact your GP or your local Accident and Emergency. If throughout therapy you are in crisis or feel suicidal we will discuss the best possible options for you if this occurs.
  • Do you have a history of complex mental health issues
  • Are you suffering from psychosis
  • Are you active in addiction

If you have any questions you are very welcome to make contact with me.

It’s time to get unstuck and live the life you really want to live!

Payment Links

One Session Video/ Telephone Counselling

One Session Email/ Instant Messaging Counselling 


6 Sessions Pay In Full Save €30 (Video/ Telephone)

1:1 6 Sessions Video or Telephone Counselling €420 €390

6 Sessions Pay in Full Save €30 (Email/ Instant Messaging)

1:1 6 Sessions Email/ Instant Messaging Counselling €360 €330


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