Nurture Charity in Galway City

Nurture Charity in Galway City


‘Nurture’ – An Irish Nationwide Charity 
I wanted to blog about the work that I am currently doing with Nurture. I am Counselling mostly women in the area of Maternal Mental Health. Working with this charity has been amazing and I am very grateful to have worked with some fantastic women in Galway city.

We are here  ‘You are not Alone’. I am passionate about this charity and working with women in the area of Maternal Mental Health. I work with women to  resource and educate along with most importantly looking at breaking the stigma that is very prominent in this area.

There were 67,462 babies born in Ireland in 2015. Additionally there are over 15,000 women who will experience a miscarriage with approximately 1,000 women experiencing failed IVF.  Over 40,000 women will experience some form of depression, or anxiety every year in Ireland with 1 in 9 men experiencing post-natal depression.
Nurture is an Irish registered charity established by Irene Lowry CEO since 2011 and offers counselling and supports surrounding conception, pregnancy and childbirth. These supports are immediate and affordable to women, partners and family members. Nurture’s message is You Are Not Alone’ Irene Lowry CEO of Nurture says 
Our area of maternal mental health in Ireland is massively Stigmatised and Taboo’  
Nurture’s message is ‘It really is okay to talk about it’
The charity offers supports in areas such as: post-natal depression, pre-natal depression, post traumatic stress disorder, miscarriage, loss of a baby, failed IVF and much more.  Those who turn to Nurture in need of help will secure a counselling appointment under two weeks of contacting the charity.
​Nurture also offers critical intervention supports within 24/48 hour for women who are feeling suicidal or simply not coping, this avoids a woman having to attend Accident and Emergency departments. Nurture also runs facilitated 8 week support groups for women and their babies who may be experiencing post natal depression, traumatic birth or grief. We advise any woman who feels she is struggling to contact her GP or Public Health Nurse and Nurture. Nurture’s counselling fee is €40 per session but for those who cannot afford this will be subsidised by the charity so this can be reduced.  
​The areas of maternal ​mental health that Nurture work with are not linked to class or social status Issues relating to maternal mental health affect women, partners and family members as these illnesses affect all the family. Nurture recogni​ses first hand the negative impact these debilitating illness​es ​have on ​women in Ireland we are here to offer women a sense of hope. Through women seeking professional help they can be really well and family life can once again be restored.
​Nurture has a No Wait List Policy.

We work alongside GP’s, health professionals, maternity hospital’s, local HSE primary care teams, adult mental health services, public health nurses and child services. We also work in conjunction with community groups and other charity Organisations that work in our specific area of mental health.

Appointments are made via Nurture’s Head Office on Tel: 01-8430930
E mail:                   Website: