Online Counselling is it effective and how do I start?

Online Counselling Ireland Online Counselling is not something that we often associate with therapy. In this day and age, it makes sense to offer therapy online. It is a service that is becoming more widely available. Online Counselling offers flexibility, convenience, comfort and choice of a counsellor. I often get asked how do [...]

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What are Panic Attacks?

Panic Attacks are a very common experience for those who experience anxiety or stress and most importantly are not harmful. The DSM5 is a guide for clinicians to make diagnosis for certain conditions. Here is the definition for Panic Attacks. Panic attacks are experienced as a sudden sense of fear and dread plus four or [...]

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Useful Links

Some Useful Links for people seeking help in Galway Alcoholics Anonymous Gamblers Anonymous Narcotics Anonymous Al Anon AWARE Samaritans Galway Rape Crisis Center (GRCC) Cancer Care West 1 Life Suicide Prevention Console Pieta House Galway COPE SERVICES IN GALWAY

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5 tips to Manage Anxiety at Christmas

What is Anxiety: In my experience many people don’t know they are struggling with anxiety so here is the definition of anxiety: “Anxiety is an emotion characterized by feelings of tension, worried thoughts and physical changes like increased blood pressure. People with anxiety disorders usually have recurring intrusive thoughts or concerns. They may avoid certain situations [...]

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Nurture Charity in Galway City

  'Nurture' - An Irish Nationwide Charity  I wanted to blog about the work that I am currently doing with Nurture. I am Counselling mostly women in the area of Maternal Mental Health. Working with this charity has been amazing and I am very grateful to have worked with some fantastic women in Galway city. We [...]

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Infertility Worry Wars

Infertility Worry Wars If you are reading this you are probably in the middle of the Infertility Worry Wars. The Infertility Worry Wars are extremely common, it is not something that is openly spoken about. The war on worry and thoughts that very often conflict with one another during this struggle are very real for [...]

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We’re Pregnant after Infertility

      We’re Pregnant!!! The words, We’re Pregnant! in today’s society can receive a mixed reaction. Being pregnant after Infertility can be a difficult one to navigate. You have been anticipating this for years and this pregnancy feels so special the excitement can be overwhelming. You are possibly feeling many emotions and it can [...]

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Why Infertility Counselling

Why Infertility Counselling? Couples often wonder why they need to seek Infertility Counselling. Infertility Counselling is most often recommended when you are going through IVF. I would highly recommend anyone who is dealing with Infertility to see a therapist. If you are considering Counselling for Infertility you have been going through this for a year [...]

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Infertility the Emotional Impact

Infertility the Emotional Impact Why me? Why can’t we have a baby? These are questions I am often asked. Infertility can have an emotional impact on a couple. Infertility is classed as a major life crises.  People who are infertile can often feel that they have failed in the one thing they were innately meant [...]

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