What to Expect

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Lets work together to find your Peace!

We have all had struggles in our lives and coming to therapy should not be considered a weakness, this is a display of courage and strength.
It’s time to start investing in you and working towards finding your peace!
Making that first phone call and coming to therapy can be a daunting experience which is most likely filled with anxiety. Let’s look at what you can expect from therapy.




Our First Session

Our first session will involve you telling me your story and what has brought you to therapy. I will ask for some essential information about your history, medication, next of kin, etc. This is a good time to ask questions about the work we will do together. We will discuss in this session, how you would like to proceed.



Commencing Therapy

Depending on the issues you are coming to therapy with we will work towards a certain amount of sessions and then review the work we have done together.
Usually we would work together for 6 sessions, once a week and if you would like to continue we can discuss this.



Session Details

  • Sessions will last 50 minutes.
  • Sessions cost €60.
  • Therapy is weekly and usually at the same time each week.
  • This is something we can negotiate if your circumstances do not facilitate a regular time each week.



Psychotherapy is effective when we:

  • We meet on a weekly/regular basis.
  • When you feel safe and feel you can constructively work on the challenges or difficulties you are facing.
  • Focus on the challenges or difficulties you are facing and addressing the underlying causes of what has brought you to therapy. Examine the choices you may have and find a way to move forward.
  • Anything that can inhibit your thought processes or body function such as alcohol or drugs have to be reduced to benefit.
  • The relationship that we have will impact on the therapy being successful; I would suggest that you find the right match for you when it comes to picking a therapist. If you feel that the relationship between us is not the right fit I hope you can bring this to my attention. We can work on whatever the issues may be around this or alternatively you can attend a different therapist.
  • People who benefit are those that wish to understand themselves better and commit to the process and have motivation for change.



The information you provide is confidential, however I am ethically bound to release information if you are a harm to yourself or someone else. If it is possible I will speak with you about breaking confidentiality if any of the above were to occur.





What Is The Difference Between
Counselling and Psychotherapy


Counselling is usually for a specific issue. We would usually work on this issue alone; this would require a shorter period of time to resolve this particular difficulty.


Psychotherapy is more in depth and generally related to your childhood or a difficulty that has been in your life for some time. Your childhood or past could be shaping your present; and right now you could be faced with a dilemma that doesn’t sit right with you. When we work using Psychotherapy we are searching for the root of the problem. This therapy is longer in duration and this will depend on what the issue is.
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State of Mind Psychotherapy services include:

One Session

Payment for Individual Session

6 Sessions Pay In Full Save €20


1:1 6 Supportive Sessions €360 €340, pay in full and save €20

6 Sessions Payment Plan

1:1 6 Supportive Sessions €360, payment plan 6 payments of €60

12 SessionsPay In Full Save €70

1:1 12 Supportive Sessions €720 €650, pay in full and save €70.

12 Sessions Payment Plan

1:1 12 Supportive Sessions €720, payment plan 12 payments of €60




“The shoe that fits one pinches another, there is no recipe for living that suits all cases” – Carl Jung