• Areas of Specialty

  • Are you;

    • Busy all the time
    • Finding it hard to relax
    • Tired due to lack of sleep
    • Finding it difficult to make decisions
    • Struggling with social situations
    • Seeking perfection
    • Impatient
    • Find it hard to ask for help
    • Constantly worrying
    • Full of nervous energy
    • Thinking negatively about yourself 
    • Concerned how others perceive you
    • Always looking for the next thing to do
    • Finding it difficult to concentrate
    • Concerned about writing return emails/ messages to people


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  • Were you born between 1982-2004?? Struggling to find what you want from life or where you are heading. Make an appointment today and we can look at your options for finding your peace. 

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  • Supporting Women's Mental Health Give me a call and we can get you back to positive mental health. I also work for Nurture Charity in Galway city.



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  • These are the areas of life that I have helped many people. Clients have come to therapy with a sense of unease and uncertainty about why they are feeling this way. I provide a neutral objective space to talk about what you feel is causing you difficulty at this time. You will be respected, and listened to without judgement. Everyone has different needs at certain points in their lives and the approach I use will reflect this. Let’s Talk & See If I Am The Right Person To Help You ... Come and safely explore your options in a secure and safe surrounding.
  • You may feel stuck if you have experienced;

    Infertility Maternal Mental Health Anxiety Depression Meaning in Life Bereavement or Painful Loss Low self-esteem Disability Family or Relationship Issues Work Related Issues

  • About us

    Elva Glynn BA (hons) MIACP



    You are very welcome to follow State of Mind on Social Media. I like to offer practical advice and articles relating to the areas I specialise in. 

  • As a therapist, my mission is to:

  • Help you improve your emotional and physical well being

  • Enhance your ability to engage in interpersonal relationships

  • Empower you with useful tools, which will help you problem solve